Friday, April 27, 2012

We love you Miss Hannigan!

Today marks the two year anniversary of my Nana's death.

Today I was preoccupied with daily duties, a sick child and lots of chores/housework so I didn't really let myself feel my grief. I block a lot of feelings about my Nana passing, because if I didn't I would be an emotional wreck. Unhealthy I know, but it's how I get by.

My Nana was a truly inspiring woman. Strong, stubborn, creative, smart, loving, successful - the list could go on and on.

Some of my earliest memories involve my Nana and time spent at her house.
Around age 4 she taught me how to snap my fingers, blow bubble-gum bubbles, shop, model outfits and of most importance to me - SING!
A particular memory I have is singing the "Annie" soundtrack in their lower living room (where they entertained), loud enough to fill the whole house. Over. And over. And over.

Tonight, in honor of her I am watching Annie. I haven't seen this movie, nor have I heard the soundtrack in probably 15 years. I am amazed that I can recall all the lyrics effortlessly :)

I love and miss you Nana,

Your Songbird

Sunday, April 22, 2012


It is common knowledge I'm a klutz, my friends and family are always giving me a hard time because of the multitude of injuries I inflict on myself. Even my (almost!) 8 year old son is attuned to my being accident prone. He gives me a heads up about stairs and uneven ground, he worries I'll take a spill when we play outside, and to top that? The other day B said to me, "Mom, it's a good thing you wear safety glasses because you're really dangerous." They are just prescription glasses... thank you very much!

That being said, *knock on wood* I am so proud to say that I have been serious injury injury free for months. Sure there have been little mishaps here and there... but nothing too damaging or debilitating. To celebrate this feat of mine I have decided its time to take advantage of my injury free body and lead a more active lifestyle.

The weather in my neck of the woods has been seriously amazing (for this time of year). The sun has shone brightly for almost 3 weeks straight - unheard of for April! I have taken advantage of this beautiful weather by waking up earlier and staying outside longer each night hello, daylight!

R and I took a lovely walk to Nugget Falls the other day. I was expecting a light hike but was unaware that what used to be a pretty nonexistent "trail" that lots of uneven ground and required sliding down a rocky hillside and jumping through streams has been made accessible to everyone (now a ridiculously easy lovely walk). I'm glad to see the area is accessible to all, but I wanted the adventure I remembered from childhood. I suppose I've got all summer to gear up for the West/East Glacier trails!

Please forgive the "durr" face. Boyfriend ALWAYS makes faces when we take photos together. I figured I would finally make a face too, because it never fails I am the only one smiling sweetly. Until we took this photo. Thanks a lot, R!
Part of the Mendenhall Glacier. And the lake (after taking this photo I accidentally threw my iPhone into the lake. Oops).