Sunday, January 22, 2012

Book list

I have a small collection of books that I'm proud of and enjoy reading, but there are so many more I would love to read/own.
The stack on my nightstand keeps growing, and I keep finding even more to add to it!

The Joy luck club
Riding in cars with boys
Animal Farm
The Hunger games (finished with 1, currently reading #2)
Little Earthquakes (a favorite of mine, read it about 5 years ago and want to read it again)

My friend K has this book blog, I've found lots of books I'd love to read! Check it out

What are some of your 'book list' books? Any favorites? Suggestions are always welcome!

Over it!

Facebook has been overtaken by football related posts for weeks now... I'm so over it!
I do not watch football, play football, like football or even CARE about football. Not one ounce!

I cannot wait until the Super Bowl happens and then we move on with our lives :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Excerpt from my packing list (yes I make lists, don't you?):

Formal dress for wedding
Cute flats
Xtra Tuffs
Costco size bottles of Cook's (hell yah to being classy!), vodka, and 2 Jaegers
Pain pills and ibuprofen

CHECK! Wrangell... here we come!

I will be returning on Sunday... with no injuries! I hope.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: Out with a thud

For those that know me well - heck, those that know me a little - it's no secret that I am a klutz... accident prone... a walking disaster.

The past few months I have been relatively accident free, but I had a sneaking suspicion 2011 wouldn't let go without a final huzzah (or 2)!

My knee and ankle have been relatively non-problematic for a short while, I consider that a blessing after what I've been through.

Guess its time for other body parts to join in the fun, eh?

A few days ago I was making a cup of tea, and instead of pouring the boiling water into my cup I dumped it all over my fingers. I took all the necessary steps to prevent a bad scald (cold water, ice wrap, Ibuprofen) and then checked in with my mom, who is a nurse. Luckily the pain and swelling went away in a few hours.

The real treat was yesterday afternoon.
I had just finished unpacking the truck from our Costco run. I went outside for one last trip to get the alcohol (NYE party and our stock for the upcoming vacation to Wrangell. I refuse to pay sky high prices for a good drink, so I'll make my own!) and while rounding the vehicle I slipped on the snow-packed driveway sheer ice and biffed. Hard.

My reaction time has improved greatly after many falls so I was up again within seconds. No immediate pain or injury, so I gathered the bottles and very, very carefully made it inside.

Fast forward to last night before bed/this morning. OUCH! My body is definitely feeling 2011's last assault.

I've got a goose-egg/bruise the size of a tangerine on my forearm (I'm guessing this is from smacking it against the truck's flatbed/steel bumper on the way down).
My right hip/bum is extremely sore.
My left knee, yes, the knee that I have banished from ever getting injured again has seen better days... but so far I don't think I've done any major damage.

Recommended treatment? I'm tucked in bed with my Kindle (Hunger Games), have a kitty to snuggle with AND a cup of tea (sans finger scalds!).

Take that 2011!