Friday, February 17, 2012


I have just diagnosed myself with "To Do List ADD".

The last couple of months I have been driving myself crazy trying to stay on top of my "To-Do" list(s).

I have been so busy that I don't think I ever really accomplish much. Realistically I just end up re-arranging the list and then add 3 new items for every 1 I remove. Oy!

I take that back
To be fair to myself (my over-achieving-OCD-perfectionist self), I have to admit that I am getting lots done. Lots I just don't feel like I am, because as I mentioned before my never-ending list just... well... it never ends.

Work has been keeping me busier than ever. I've been putting in at least an extra 1-1.5 hours a day and still have stacks of paperwork all around me. I can attribute this to having not figured out how to say "I'm sorry, I can't help you with that right now."

Home life has been providing me the usual ebb and flow of chores, cooking, purging, organizing, pet training etc.

Braeden. My dear boy. He sure has given me a run for my money these past few months. Where did I put my parenting manual??

School provides me an opportunity to exercise my brain (which I'm really enjoying), and a chance to really exercise my over-achieving/OCD tendencies. I scored an A on my first Psych exam... yet I was tempted battling an insane urge to take the 1.5 hour exam again just to improve my A. Yah, I'm that kind of crazy.

Add in my "extra curricular" activities; house cleaning jobs, babysitting, hosting/attending functions, kid birthday parties, planning a vacation, and crafting.

 I want a clone of me. Serious.

I've got lots of projects and interesting entries on my "To-Do" list, so keep an eye out for some neat blog posts... I'll get to them. Eventually.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jewels of the Interweb

Where in the world?

I've never been a big fan of Beyonce, but every once in a while she comes out with a song or a video that I just can't get enough of...

A photo lasts forever ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dukan update

10 lb weight loss.

Fell off the wagon for about a week,  haven't gained back a single lb (and so desperately ready to get back "on" the wagon)!

Meat for days is thawing in the fridge and I will do another couple of cooking days this week (where I prepare appropriate food choices, pre package and then store in the fridge).

Here's to more weight loss!

I'm back to exercising too... had to take a break for a little while because of a very hectic schedule and a tweak in the ankle. Tonight I used the elliptical, weights, and did situp/pushups - felt SO good!

Punxsutawney Phil

"Mom, I heard that tomorrow on the news this thing will like, come out of a hole and then we'll know if it is winter again." - My 7 year old

Thank goodness B is aware of annual national events. I was clueless to tomorrow being GroundHog Day. Any predictions?

I think we're stuck in this not-so-wonderful-winterland for a while longer... why?  The 45 mph winds and sideways rain tipped me off...

On a side note - all the talk about GroundHog Day this evening gave me a brilliant idea... "Bill Murray movie night" is a must. Sometime very soon!