Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good intentions

Last night I finally found the time to write! I've got a few entries in the works, so be on the lookout!

This morning I got breakfast ready - Fage 0% with 2 TB of oat bran mixed in, all my vitamins/allergy meds and a 5-hour energy - set up the laptop with intentions to finish up my drafts...

Then this happened:

Can't write with a cuddly kitty on my lap! This cat still has a serious "I'm an asshole" complex, so gotta enjoy the sweet side when it shows! Guess the blogging will have to wait. 

P.S. Why can't he sleep all the time? He's so sweet when he sleeps! Ha!

Dukan Update

Ryan and I are 7 days into the Dukan Diet and so far this is what we've noticed:

Stinky breath, increased thirst, a little fatigue and... WEIGHT LOSS! Ketosis (the symptoms I described) is a good thing, it means the diet is working.

I have lost almost 5 lbs in the first week and Ryan is just about the same. Our pants are fitting better and we've got the inspiration to keep it up!

I am pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to cut out bread/sugar/junk for a whole week (minus the Christmas Day food/dinner).

This next week will be our first of lean protein plus protein rich vegetables (Asparagus, broccoli, cucumbers, celery, mushrooms and a few others). I can't wait to eat vegetables again. Nom nom!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In my efforts to live a healthier, happier and skinnier life I have decided to share my experience on this blog, in sharing my weight loss journey, I hope it will provide an informative and inspirational account. Feel free to ask questions!

I grew up stick thin (Age 13: 5'8" and 110 lbs thin). I endured teasing and questions about if I had an eating disorder all through middle school.
High school rolled around and I practiced my independence (poor food choices), experimented with friends (hello munchies) and my depression hit me full swing. I didn't exercise hardly at all (huge boobs, reduction at 16 and poor body image = lack of interest to work out.).
At 19 I became pregnant and put on even more weight. After having my son, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I knew this is not how I wanted to live, but I wasn't sure how to change.

I have tried a few weight loss programs:

Age 20; Optifast:
When B was 7 months old, and I was the heaviest I'd EVER been I researched and joined a Doc's office in town for the Optifast weight loss program. Out of desperation to lose weight, I chose a program that was totally unsuitable for my eating habits and comfort level. Won't be doing that again.
For me I really feel this was the worst program ever.
It was hella expensive, the "food" (boxed nutritional drinks, like slimfast) were disgusting and the rapid weight loss (30 lbs in almost 2 months) paired with being obese/having recently been pregnant caused my body to have gallstones... which led to quitting the program out of medical necessity and then needing Gallbladder removal surgery. Yikes!
The only helpful part of this program was having a medical team (doctor, nurse and nutritionist) to consult weekly, a supportive group (about 8-10 women & men) and education about nutrition, portion size and exercise at each weekly gathering.

Age 24; The Belly Fat Diet:
I heard about this through a friend. Her husband went on the diet and lost 17 lbs in a few short months, without much effort. After some coaxing, Ryan agreed to try it with me.
Basically, the diet's purpose was to cut out all carbs/sugar/packaged crap and live off of only whole grains, proteins and lower fat options aka EATING HEALTHY! DUH!
The recipes were easy to make and tasted fine (they also were surprisingly filling!) but it was a pain to need to replace all of my pantry. I live in a small town and didn't have half of the suggested food products/brands available to me. It was a stress to grocery shop attempting to substitute most ingredients (and still stay on program).
Ryan lost almost 15 lbs and I lost about 8 in the few months we adopted the Belly Fat lifestyle.
Ryan still raves about how great (energized, satisfied with smaller servings and didn't crave junk food) he felt following this lifestyle change... I didn't get those results.
I was hungry a lot, as I mentioned before the frustration in trying to find brands/products to use was annoying, and I didn't see much weight loss.

Perks to this program? No frankenfood! All the food you eat is basically organic/whole/healthy. It felt good to know I could feed my whole family (and even a few brave friends) my altered recipes and it was all natural foods.

Age 26; Weight Watchers:
I don't think I have to explain much about WeightWatchers. I know lots of friends/family who have followed this eating program and have seen wonderful results.
My Poppa offered to pay my membership fees, as long as he was seeing some results. I was so motivated to lose the weight (this took place right after my Nana had died, from health complications due to years of Diabetes) because I didn't want to end up with Diabetes (I still don't!). I wanted to make myself and my Poppa proud by finally taking off the weight I'd gained the past 6 years.
I joined the online program (you can go to meetings if you want, but it's not required). I loved it!
It was so simple to use their website, browse through their recipe archives (lots of yummy ones!) and to track my daily intake on my profile/iPhone.
I tried this for 3 months, to the letter. And guess what? I lost the first week (about 4 lbs) and then gained. Yes, that's right. I gained weight for the next 11 weeks. 14 lbs total.
Besides feeling like a total failure, I just couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. WHY wasn't I losing weight, when I was striving so hard to adhere to the program? I'd seen people around me lose lots of weight and keep it off.
Out of sheer frustration and wanting to save my Poppa money, I stopped the program after 3 months.

Perks? The ease of logging your day (the website helps keep you on track for daily intake/exercise/water etc) was great. I loved that aspect of the program.
The recipes tasted great (again, my friends/fam braved the lifestyle change with me) and we were eating real food.

Since May of 2011, I have been introducing actual exercise (see this for some background info) back into my routine! The Elliptical at home, walks a couple days a week and LOTS of house cleaning (clients, family and my own) has helped me maintain my current weight. I fluctuate by a few lbs every few weeks, but I am not seeing anything major.

A coworker and I have been talking about The Dukan Diet for a couple of months. There is a teacher at one of my schools who has lost 57 lbs in less than 7 months following Dukan. My coworker started the diet, and within the first week lost 7 lbs (then, had a death in the family and had to travel for 2 weeks and went off program).
I researched the program online, ordered the book (which is a combo of the diet book and all his recipes) from Amazon, and after a 4 week wait it finally arrived!

Ryan and I started the diet yesterday (Tues the 20th), my philosophy is it never hurts to try a life style that has worked so well for someone you know. Look for a follow up post in 7 days.

Here goes nothin!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Not the only one!

A friend posted on Facebook the other day about how emotional she had been lately.
The everyday beauty in the world, or the sadness in a child's eyes, or even the sweet lyric in a pop love song was sending her into tears... I thought I was the only one who had days like this??

I suppose I've heard from family and friends that I sometimes have a flare for the dramatic - as if! - so I'm glad someone else can relate.
I often find myself misty-eyed just because I daydream of a sweet moment, or have let my mind wander to the future and get swept up in an awesome fantasy about what the world has to offer. I'll find myself with tear filled eyes, lip trembling, heart moved. Oy!

Yesterday was one of those days.

I was at work (on a weekend? Yes. Le Suck!) and had just finished a craft project (Christmas gift for Heather!) that I had put a lot of time and energy into, so I was already feeling a tad sentimental and weepy when my sister sent me a text. She had come across this poem earlier in the day and knew she just had to share it with me (I love how well she knows me).

I Love You

I am your parent, you are my child
I am your quiet place, you are my wild

I am your calm face, you are my giggle
I am your want, you are my wiggle

I am your dinner, you are my chocolate cake
I am your bedtime, you are my wide awake

I am your lullaby, you are my peekaboo
I am your goodnight kiss, you are my I LOVE YOU

- Anonymous

I shed a few tears each time I read this. I hope those of you that have children enjoy it as much as I do. 

I have an intense love for my child, and although times as a parent are more often than not extremely difficult for me (I'm debating divulging more personal details about my life/child on this blog) I love my son and being a mom more than anything in the world. I wouldn't trade for anything!

If you are a parent, and you are not tearing up after reading that poem... you suck the big one. Plain and simple. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

More jewels of the Interweb

Shit on the web is whack. That's all I'm gonna say!

SERIOUSLY!? I keep watching this over and over. I'm more in awe every time I watch.

YOU asked for it! 


Whoa... this never gets old. Ever.

Neither does this

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanks for your patience...

I apologize about the long wait, I have been extremely busy these past couple of weeks, helping every person I know with this, that or the other thing.
I love to help people, and it is nearly impossible for me to turn someone down in a time of need... but I really need start saying "No" to people... Life would be much less busy, and I would have some "me time" for sure! But, alas, I do not have that word in my vocabulary so I have been cleaning houses, hosting family from out of town, working 7 days a week (at two jobs) AND trying to maintain my home/parenting duties. Oy!

Time to throw this out here, or I might not ever get to it!

As I mentioned in my last post,  a few weekends ago I had a life changing experience, which has helped me figure out my career ambition. Here's the short version:

Ryan and I went to a friend's house to hang out, and within an hour of being there, her baby started seizing.
While all the adults ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, I called 911. 
Once the paramedics arrived and decided that baby needed the ER, I followed the ambulance to the hospital.  Ryan, dad and son stayed at the house.
Once at the ER, the baby's condition worsened and she was very unstable for a few hours.
I was in the ER with mom & baby for 6 hours (until they were medevaced to Anchorage), and in that time I observed every procedure (which included; blood draws, spinal tap, seizures, CT scan, IV's, and even intubation), comforted the family, and a few times I even helped the medical team when it was needed.  
That night being in the ER, being a part of the team saving this sweet little baby's life stirred something inside me... opened my eyes to what I hadn't ever considered once before.

I want to be an ER nurse. 

All around me was chaos, but I have never in my life felt so at peace, so enthralled, so excited by any other experience.

I shared this with my mom (who is a RN at our hospital), one of the pediatricians who was at the ER that night (she is a very close family friend, and Braeden's doc!), and my family. They all support this decision 110%

I have registered for some classes at UAS and will start my journey on Jan. 17th!

Wish me luck!

P.S. Mom and baby went to Anchorage, spent 5 days getting tests, and came back home all in one piece :) Let's all believe this was a fluke event and won't happen again!