Sunday, April 22, 2012


It is common knowledge I'm a klutz, my friends and family are always giving me a hard time because of the multitude of injuries I inflict on myself. Even my (almost!) 8 year old son is attuned to my being accident prone. He gives me a heads up about stairs and uneven ground, he worries I'll take a spill when we play outside, and to top that? The other day B said to me, "Mom, it's a good thing you wear safety glasses because you're really dangerous." They are just prescription glasses... thank you very much!

That being said, *knock on wood* I am so proud to say that I have been serious injury injury free for months. Sure there have been little mishaps here and there... but nothing too damaging or debilitating. To celebrate this feat of mine I have decided its time to take advantage of my injury free body and lead a more active lifestyle.

The weather in my neck of the woods has been seriously amazing (for this time of year). The sun has shone brightly for almost 3 weeks straight - unheard of for April! I have taken advantage of this beautiful weather by waking up earlier and staying outside longer each night hello, daylight!

R and I took a lovely walk to Nugget Falls the other day. I was expecting a light hike but was unaware that what used to be a pretty nonexistent "trail" that lots of uneven ground and required sliding down a rocky hillside and jumping through streams has been made accessible to everyone (now a ridiculously easy lovely walk). I'm glad to see the area is accessible to all, but I wanted the adventure I remembered from childhood. I suppose I've got all summer to gear up for the West/East Glacier trails!

Please forgive the "durr" face. Boyfriend ALWAYS makes faces when we take photos together. I figured I would finally make a face too, because it never fails I am the only one smiling sweetly. Until we took this photo. Thanks a lot, R!
Part of the Mendenhall Glacier. And the lake (after taking this photo I accidentally threw my iPhone into the lake. Oops).

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