Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good intentions part deux

It is 7/11/2012 @2:20 pm.
I am sitting at my MacBook, staring at the screen.
There is not an ounce of motivation in me to write. Anything.
This entry is forced and might be pointless. Bear with me, I'm trying to get the "blog juices" flowing again :)

I mentioned it before, I have the best intentions to use this blog as an outlet for 'me', but life keeps getting in they way - darn it!

School (for B)/work (for me) ended June 1st. Since then our lives have been a crazy whirlwind of travel, commercial fishing, cooking/cleaning, playing, and homework. Rinse, lather, repeat.

To be fair, I didn't plan on having much free time this summer. Ryan and I planned on me being his crew member/fishing with him all season - taking distance courses, parenting/crewing/cooking on a fishing vessel doesn't leave much "free time"!
Welp, plans changed... which totally threw me for a loop. *Why is this so hard for me? Because I have an unstoppable compulsion to control everything. Duh.*

With this change of plans came infinite possible ways to waste spend my time for 2.5 months.

Here's to hoping I will actually blog about my time well spent ;)

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